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                Stop exploring data
                start exploring your platform
                The Wedora Platform Overview
                The Wedora Platform is the base for your IoT devices’ connectivity, providing software infrastructure platforms and solutions in the device cloud and billing cloud. It enables you to monitor, analyze and understand your data, and maintain your operation remotely.
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                Device Management
                Device Management enables secure and reliable connections, updates, and life-cycle management of multiple connected devices deployed on premises or over cloud.
                • Device management
                • Multi-view browsing
                • Motion management
                • Grouping and template functions
                Data Management
                Data Management makes the trusted data from IoT devices accessible. Comprehensive business analysis and processing capabilities, detailed business reports and statistics help enterprises achieve dynamic changes in business.
                • History data query
                • Multidimensional statistics
                • Device control
                Connectivity Management
                Connectivity Management allows easy, secure, and cost-effective connection of IoT devices on multiple network standards.
                • Real-time monitoring
                • Real-time alarm and handling management
                • Compatible with third-party platforms
                Business Structure
                Platform Advantage
                Flexibility in Design,
                Deployment, Connectivity
                Flexible and agnostic platform doesn’t just encourage communication across devices. It also collect, validate and enrich data and then turn data into insight and business value. Remote control and update, compatible with third-party platform are connecting for a better future.
                Security For Devices,
                Connectivity and Data
                Security is a fundamental principle of the Wedora Platform. Our starting point is to build a safe IoT with stable networking, secure device updates and communication, and secure transmission and process of large volumes of real-time data.
                Efficiency of IoT
                In each industry, innovation will be aided by platforms that allow devices, network and transmission protocols to interoperate. Wedora platform is customized for your business with easy operation, saving budget and high stability.
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