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                Industrial Automation

                Lower operational costs, gain real-time diagnostics, optimize safety & security, accelerate time to market

                Precision Agriculture

                Precision Agriculture Precision Agriculture is the Internet of things technology applied to traditional agriculture, using sensors and software via mobile platform or computer platform to control agricultural production, precision agriculture has more "Precision". Precision Agriculture is the advanced stage of agricultural production, relying on various sensor nodes deployed in the field of agricultural production


                The Manufacturing Automation is based on the application of the iot technology, combined with the advanced manufacturing technology of the future, and form a new intelligent manufacturing system and use the environmental awareness of all kinds of terminal, mobile communications and other technology to industrial production of each link, increase efficiency of the manufacturing and improve product quality

                Distribution Automation

                With the advent of power networking era,the distribution network of the power application has evolved from passive response to dynamic balancing of supply and demand at all voltage levels through control and monitoring.The traditional centralized and one-way grid structure are unable to meet the needs of the new business.

                VPN Based Remote Factory LAN Monitoring

                Smart factory refers to strengthen information management and enhanced services by big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, formulate and arrange reasonable and effective production plans and strategies. In the production process of large enterprises, it often involves cross-factory and cross-region equipment maintenance, long distance source localization and other scenarios. Hence, virtual private network technology is essential to ensure the data security.

                Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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